WSOI_Carl Davis

The Plymouth Community School Corporation announced Wednesday, facilitator Carl Davis of the Weidner School of Inquiry (WSOI) has received his New Tech Network NTN certification!

This designation acknowledges Davis’ deep understanding of the key components of the New Tech model including project-based learning, teaching and assessing 21st Century skills, technology use in the classroom, and the unique culture that empowers students.

Davis said, “In order to be granted the NTN Teacher Certification process there were 22 learning experiences that required evidence submission. Approval was based upon my implementation or application of the specific PBL practice required for that particular learning experience. After earning all learning experiences for a given badge, you then receive that badge. Once all badges were earned, I received notification of my status as a NTN Certified Teacher. By becoming a certified teacher, I am now eligible to become a certified trainer.”

As a certified NTN teacher, Davis has become a valuable asset to the growing network of NTN schools that are committed to reinventing teaching and learning. After receiving a New Tech Network Facilitator Certification, facilitators like Davis are encouraged to continuing NTN professional development and contribute to the sustainability of WSOI by participating in the NTN Train the Trainer event this coming year.

NTN Certified Trainers will: * Have the opportunity to participate in the NTN Train the Trainer events * Be provided a certificate acknowledging achievement * Be provided a digital icon to identify your status and promote your skills

Co Director Jennifer Felke said, “We would like to congratulate Mr. Davis on recently completing the NTN Teacher Certification process. He has been accepted into the Train the Trainer program at 2016 New Tech Annual Conference this summer.”