Approximately 75 people attended the special evening meeting of the County Council to gather public in-put on a Local Option Highway User Tax (LOHUT) and or a County Economic Development Income Tax (CEDIT). Council president, Judy Stone told the crowd there were sign up sheets at the back of the room for those who which to speak in favor of a new tax and those who are opposed to the implementation of any new tax. She told them there would be a 3 minute time limit and closed her comments by saying, “This council is interested in hearing from you.” She decided to take speakers in order, one from the support sheet and then one from the oppose sheet. In total 36 people spoke although a few commented that they thought they were only signing to show their feelings on the issue. brian meekMany of those who spoke in favor of one or both of the taxes appeared to be business owners, heads of industries or involved in other government ententes. Brian Meek who lives in Plymouth and operates Elkey Wood Products in Culver is supportive of an additional tax. He said, “The money has got to come from somewhere. This is the only viable solution I’ve seen since last fall.” He was interested in what rate the council would set for the LOHUT. Dennis ThorntonDennis Thornton from Bremen has served on the County BZA and Plan Commission. He said, “I really have an issue with management in this county.” He said “Tim Harman’s plan to take the total gross over funding from the special jail CAGIT, monies that could go into the highways. We don’t need another darn tax. Spend the money we’ve got wisely. Make it work. When I see it working then I might think we need some more.” Although the crowd seemed to be split nearly evenly there was one thing most seemed to agree on…the roads in Marshall county are terrible. todd SamuelsonAfter nearly an hour and a half of comments Todd Samuelson from Umbaugh told council members he was there to answer and questions they had and said, “If you look at recent history, the state, through a variety of changes in law have made it pretty clear that local communities need to participate in the solution.” He said, when the county refinanced the bond issue for the jail there was a plan to pay off the issue early in 2021 with the extra revenues. Samuelson also told council members that beginning July 1st the makeup of CEDIT is changing to a single income tax. Basically CEDIT is no longer available due to the actions of state legislation, but the concept is still there.