DSCI0204Near the end of the school year, Argos Elementary students participate in a Book Swap in the school library. Each student is able bring in used books from home and swap them for “book bucks.” All students are given a “book buck” to spend so that everyone is able to participate. Students are then able to come down to the library on their recess time to spend their “book bucks” on new books to take home for the summer. The students really love the idea of shopping for their very own books, and the Book Swap is always a hit with students of all ages. Laura Jones, School Librarian said, “As the school librarian, I distinctly remember anticipating and participating in the Book Swap each year when I was an elementary student at Argos. I always loved the Book Swap and now have so much fun sharing it with the students.”

DSCI0203Pictured are some students in Mr. Josh Overmyer’s 2nd grade class visiting the Book Swap in the Argos School Library.

By Laura Jones, Librarian