A gas leak at Webster Elementary School in Plymouth Monday morning caused the corporation to evacuate and bus students to another school.

Gas_Leak_WebsterSchool_2Superintendent Dan Tyree said in a statement city police, fire and EMS responded to the school on South Michigan Street about 9:18.  Students were relocated to Menominee Elementary School by bus.  Tyree said once students were relocated it was like a normal school day with classes continuing.

Gas_Leak_WebsterSchool_3Parents were notified by School Messenger and told their children were safe and not to attempt to come to the school and pick them up.

Gas_LEak_WebsterSchool_4About 10:30 the all clear on the gas leak was given at Webster School and on WTCA Superintendent Tyree said, “after the students have lunch at Menominee they will be transported back to Webster to finish out the day.”