Jail ReportMarshall County Sheriff Matt Hassel released the 2016 February Jail Report.

The top ten offenses for being booked into the county jail are: #10 Public Intoxication, #9 Resisting Law Enforcement, #8 Dealing in Cocaine or Meth, #7 Possession of Cocaine or Meth and # 6 Probation Violation.  The top five offenses are: #5 Operator Never Licensed, #4 Driving While Suspended, #3 Marijuana, #2 Failure to Appear and #1 Operating While Intoxicated.

145 individuals were booked into the Marshall County Jail and the average daily jail population was 113.

A total of 86 case reports were taken in February, 150 citation were issued, 80 property damage accidents were investigated, 17 personnel injury accidents in investigate and 1 fatal accident.