Annual_ReportMembers of the Marshall County Health Board received copies of the 2015 Annual Report during their meeting Tuesday night.

The County Health Department has one full-time environmentalist, Dean Schmidlapp, to oversee the approximate 230 retail food establishments in the county.  His inspections monitor compliance with public health laws not only in restaurants but festivals, auctions and mass gatherings.  Last year he conducted 325 food service inspections, issues 338 food service establishment permits and handled 11 food complaints last year.

The environmental program at the County Health Department deals with sewage disposal, general health complaints, and unsafe buildings.  In 2015 the department issued 42 new sewage permits, 54 repair permits and 16 releases.  The department also inspected 81 septic systems.

In 2015 the County Health Department conducted 20 swimming pool inspections, received 35 complaints, investigated 10 unsafe/unfit buildings and 5 meth houses.