Plymouth Color Logo2014Plymouth City Engineer Rick Gaul and Street Superintendent Jim Marquardt presented the preliminary list of proposed street projects for the upcoming year during Monday night’s Board of Public Works and Safety meeting.  Gaul noted, “Several of the areas have experienced flooding issues.”

Proposed projects are a partial reconstruction with drainage on Plum Street between Harrison and North Street.  On Fairfield Boulevard the road surface with minimal curb replacement from Hillcrest to the detention pond.  Another proposed project is PIDCO from the Broadway turn to Oak Drive with improvements to address drainage issues.

Nutmeg Road from the corporate limits to Oakhill Avenue will have a mill and fill with an undercut and patching while Memory Court may possibly have a reconstruction.

Board of Works member, Mike Delp said he drove the proposed project on Sunday and felt PIDCO and Plum were definitely needed projects.  He also said he thought Plum should be completed all the way to Jefferson Street and that Memory Court, Fairfield and Nutmeg weren’t as necessary at this time.   Delp said, “I don’t like breaking things up like we did on Liberty.  I’d rather see it all done all the way through, number one, because we will get out best bang for the buck and it’s easier on the contractor not to have to mobilize multiple times.”

Councilman Delp also suggested looking at Alexander Street from Angle to Bayless, noting it has drainage and curb problems.

The Board of Public Works and Safety unanimously approved the preliminary street improvement plan for 2016.