local road fundingSenator Randy Head said senate republicans have been working to find additional ways to fund Indiana’s local roads and bridges.

Last week, Senate Bill 67 passed the Senate by a vote of 49-1 and now heads to the House of Representatives for further consideration.

SB 67 would provide $430 million to local governments around the state to improve local roads and bridges without raising taxes or creating debt.

The one-time distribution of these funds would happen immediately, with the stipulation that 75 percent of the money be used for roads or placed in a rainy-day fund to be used for road funding at a later time. The remaining 25 percent could be used at the local government’s discretion.

MARSHALL COUNTY would receive 1,085,520   while the other communities in the county would also receive substantial amounts.  PLYMOUTH would receive 548,115 while ARGOS would get 63,370 and BOURBON would get 65,567.  BREMEN would receive 213,662 and CULVER would get 98,202 and LAPAZ would get 10,023.