Snow_removal_3Plymouth Mayor Mark Senter is urging citizens and businesses to be mindful of the city ordinance about keeping the sidewalk cleared of snow.

The city’s ordinance states, “It shall be the duty of every owner, lessee or occupant of any premises abutting or bordering upon any street in the city to remove, all snow and ice from the sidewalk in front of such premises to the full paved width of the sidewalk within 24 hours after the snow or ice has fallen or accumulated.

In the event the property owner, lessee or occupant fails to remove the snow and ice from sidewalks within the time period of time, the Board of Public Works may remove or clean such snow or ice.

The cost of removal or cleaning of snow and ice, shall be a lien on the property and collected in the same manner as taxes are collected and turned in to the City Treasury.

Mayor Senter said, “I want to emphasize that this is businesses as well as residents that are required to remove the snow from the sidewalk.”

Mayor Senter said the street department will be out as well and he truly appreciates what they do and believes that both the residents and drivers in Plymouth are always patient throughout the process.  Senter closed by saying, “In my eight years as mayor I have had very few complaints about snow removal.”