I Promise_Triton_girlAll of the school corporations in Marshall County have joined forces to make Marshall County a “Promise Indiana” county.  Promise Indiana seeks to encourage all students to believe in their ability as learners and to provide them with concrete assets in the form of 529 Savings plans.

These financial assets provide concrete “hope” to children who might not think themselves capable of going to college or continuing their needed training after high school.  Community businesses, government agencies, individuals, and service organizations are invited to join their school corporation in this project.

Donna Burroughs, Superintendent of Triton School said, “Your financial support says to the children of the community that we believe in their need for an education and their ability to become successful in whatever ever career they choose.”

Marshall County needs an educated/ trained workforce and the Promise Indiana program gets all students started on that path at an early age.

The goal is that every student who graduates from a Marshall County High School will have a 529 educational savings plan with a minimum of $1000 that the student earns by hitting milestones along their K-12 education pathway. Burroughs said, “These funds will tell all of the children that their community believes in them and supports them in their educational endeavors.”

For more information or to make a financial contribution to this project, contact your school’s superintendent or Donna Burroughs at 574-342-2255.