Graduation RatesGraduation rates in Indiana schools continue to rise meaning career opportunities for graduates are increasing. With more and more employers requiring applicants to have a high school diploma, the state along with schools have worked hard to make students ready.

On Friday, the IDOE (Indiana Department of Education) released the graduation rates for the 2015 graduating classes.

Statewide, Indiana’s waiver graduation rate was 89.9 percent and the non-waiver rate came in at 83.4 percent. Over the last nine years, the state rate has risen over ten percentage points, from 78.4 percent in the 2006-2007 school year to 88.9 percent today.

The total reflects 65,991 graduates from public schools and 4,035 from non-public schools.

Even though the rates are up, Indiana’s Superintendent of Public Instruction, Glenda Ritz, acknowledged there is more to be done. Ritz said, “There is still work to be done to address the diverse needs of students across our state and to close the achievement gaps between student populations.”

Graduation rates for area schools are as follows: Argos Jr-Sr High School, 73.9 percent; Bremen Jr-Sr High School, 91.5 percent; Culver High School, 88.7 percent; John Glenn High School, 94.2 percent; Oregon-Davis , 89.1 percent; Plymouth High School, 90.8 percent; Triton Jr-Sr High School, 90.1 percent; and Union-North Jr-Sr High School, 91.8 percent.

Schools have incorporated a number of strategies to increase graduation rates over the last few years such as duel credit classes, alternative schools, and credit recovery.

Carol Anders Correspondent