Safe_Routes to SchoolThe Safe Routes to School Project on Baker Street in Plymouth is moving faster than anticipated and may be constructed this year instead of 2017.

During the quarterly tracking meeting at MACOG, the Troyer Group said that they felt they could move the bid letting for the contract up to this year with the stage three drawings already completed.

It’s anticipated the bid letting will be in April of this year with construction this summer.  It was noted that INDOT was in favor of moving the project ahead of schedule.

City Engineer Rick Gaul said, “We were not ready for this now so the clerk treasurer was approached to locate the required funds for the federal grant match.”

Clerk Treasurer Jeannie Xaver suggested using already appropriated funds and then re-appropriate funds back to those line items.  She suggested using $70,000 from the Street Department’s curb and sidewalk fund, along with another $30,000 under the line item sidewalk improvements in the Street Department’s budget and $15,000 in the cum cap development fund.  This allows us to tell INDOT we are ready to move forward with the project.

Gaul said, “This is our request but we don’t know if it will be granted or not.”

The Board of Public Works and Safety motioned to move forward with the project which will create safe sidewalks on the north side of Baker Street from Randolph to Riverside Intermediate School and improve the intersection of Baker and Randolph taking out the bollards.