Plymouth_Logo_2014Monday night’s Plymouth Common Council meeting was historical due to the fact the this was the first time that the council had seven members.  Mayor Mark Senter took time to welcome new members Shiloh Fonseca, Jeff Houin and Gary Cook and returning members Mike Delp, Don Ecker, Duane Culp and Shawn Grobe.

The bigger board was required since the 2010 senses showed Plymouth had grown to over 10,000.  The two new seats are at-large seats.

In other business Mayor Senter told council members the ceiling in his office feel in on his desk on December 31st due to an issue with the boiler that allowed water to pool and soak into his ceiling tiles.  He said this is the third time in eight years that the ceiling has fallen in.  The mayor said they have had water leaks, ceiling issues and bats multiple times.  Senter said, “I’m going to put a committee together to study a refurbishing of this building and or a new city hall for the City of Plymouth sometime in the next couple of years.”  He asked for two volunteers to serve on the committee and Jeff Houin and Shiloh Fonseca stepped forward. Senter noted that several department heads will also serve on the committee.