Centennial Park_front gateThe Plymouth Park Board held their first meeting of the new year and decided to retain the same officers for 2016.  Dave Morrow will serve a President, Mike Kershner at Vice-President and Laura Mann as Secretary.

Cameron Arnold, park employee and the city’s arborist was given permission to attend the Indiana Arborist Association annual meeting in Indianapolis later this month.    The registration fee of $340 and two nights in a hotel will be paid for through the park department’s education line item.

City Attorney Sean Surissi told park board members that Superintendent Hite has scheduled a meeting with Cardno Environmental Engineers from Walkerton on the riverbank stabilization project.  The proposal from Cardno was $73,500 for the engineering, design and construction.  The LARE grant from the state was $50,000 with the city providing a 20% match.  The meeting will begin the negotiation phase of the contract procedure.