RecycleDepotThe Board of Directors for the Marshall County Solid Waste District Management Agency asked director, Marianne Peters to look recycling in the multi-family residential units in the county.

Peters told members, “that is probably the biggest lag nationwide.”  She said property managers of these types of units, including manufactured home parks and apartment complexes make the determination of how they want to handle trash removal.  Peters said many times the residents are willing to recycle, in fact many do bring their recyclables to the center now.

It was noted that the responsibility of making sure no one puts trash into a recycling container would fall on the shoulders of the property manager and most of them don’t want that additional responsibility.  It was also noted trashing hauling companies would also tack on an additional charge for removing recyclables.

The board asked the executive director to look at procedures other communities are doing with multifamily residential units for recycling and see if something could be implemented in Marshall County.

Peters said she would like investigate options others are using.  She also said she’d like to work with schools on managing their recycling efforts more efficiently.