Centennial Park_front gateMembers of the Plymouth Park Board have a rough draft copy of the 5-year Park and Recreation Master Plan and Monday evening Park Superintendent Mike Hite said the rough draft will be available at the Park Office and hopefully in the Library for the public’s review.

The plan was revised by board members Laura Mann and Jim Causey along with Superintendent Hite last week.  They made several updates.

Hite said the Indiana Department of Natural Resources requires a draft copy of the plan for their review so the park can be eligible for grants in 2016.

The park board sought public input on the 5-year plan through a public survey in November and during the open meetings on November 2nd and December 1st.

Priorities for 2016 to 2021 include the construction of the news Hunter Tennis Complex, continued development of River Park Square, development of phase II and III of the Greenway Trail, creation of a canoe launch at River Park Square, improve or development of a new pool, development and use of the new property at Price’s Memorial Park, development of new office spaces, ADA compliant walkways to all shelters, and further progress of phase II of Freedom Park.   The plan say they hope to explore the possibility of extending park services to the unincorporated areas of Center and West Townships with a park district using interlocal agreements with the townships.   The park board is also interested in seeking fundraising opportunities for further development of the parks.

The park board is still accepting suggestions from the public on the 5-year plan.  The final copy is due April 15th.