Brook BussieHaley Kittrell, Executive Director of CASA of Marshall County has an amazing volunteer who will be heading on to another chapter in her life later in 2016.

Brooke Bussie  has been a CASA volunteer in Marshall County since the fall of 2012.  She has been a fierce and passionate advocate for children even though she has a very quiet and sweet demeanor.  Brooke has been extremely passionate and knowledgeable in the subject of human trafficking, a subject that is not talked about often but is happening more and more frequently in smaller communities like ours.  Kittrell said, “Victims of human trafficking often include children and the Marshall County CASA volunteers have been exposed to trainings in this aspect because we need to know what to look for as far as human trafficking goes in smaller rural communities such as ours.”


Brooke announced that she will be moving to Los Angeles in September of 2016 to work with victims of human trafficking and help them thrive in society.  She will be volunteering with a program called Dream Center ( ).  Kittrell said, “In order to do this, she needs our help! A gofundme account has been created to help Bussie participate in this adventure.  The funds will be used for housing on the campus and other living expenses while she is using her passion to help these victims!


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