UnitedWay_Menominee2015The chink of pennies could be heard throughout Plymouth Schools this December. Students have been holding fundraisers to help support the United Way of Marshall County (UWMC) 2015 Campaign. Classes of students have been competing in Penny Wars within their schools to see who can bring in the most “pennies” for United Way while another student body worked at their school store to raise funds.

UnitedWay_Riverside2015Local administrators and teachers strive to teach children about giving to help others and Penny Wars offer an exciting teaching platform. Students are able to see that every little contribution given matters and when they work together, they can accomplish great things. The students’ entire donation went to United Way of Marshall County to support education, health and financial stability programs and services in Marshall County through 24 Marshall County agencies.

UnitedWay_Webster2015Students from Menominee and Webster Elementary Schools and Riverside Intermediate School in Plymouth were able to raise a combined donation of $876.98 for United Way. 2015 United Way Campaign Co-Chair Susan Wagner and United Way Executive Director Linda Yoder were on hand to accept the checks while congratulating and thanking students for “their wonderful giving spirit.”

To make a donation to United Way of Marshall County, visit offices located at 2701 North Michigan St. Plymouth, mail a donation to PO Box 392, or go online to www.marshallcountyuw.org. For more information, call the United Way of Marshall County offices at 574.936.3366.




For over 50 years, the United Way of Marshall County has continuously conducted annual fundraising campaigns in support of local health and human service not-for-profit organizations. The United Way has been the conduit for helping thousands of individuals, regardless of income level, contribute to a united community cause. United Way volunteers have spent millions of hours advocating for much needed programs and services that help build a stronger community and, as a result, the United Way has allocated more than $8 million to local agencies for everything from basic necessities like food to tutoring programs for youth to helping the elderly get to the doctor. The United Way of Marshall County remains committed to igniting the caring power of the human spirit to help meet the most basic needs of education, health and financial stability. Together we create a stronger future for Marshall County.