Triton_nano1_2015Nano technology, how does it affect our Agricultural Community? Honor Biology students at Triton Jr.-Sr. High School recently presented their Nano projects to community members: Jayne Ganshorn, Roger Terry, Ken Miller, Sue Jones and Paul and Carol Nye.  These community members listened to the presentations and provided valuable feedback to the students.


Triton_nano2_2015Projects topics included:

Using nano particulars to increase crop yield.

Making food storage containers keep food fresh longer.

Increase nutrient absorption in crops and

Removing pesticides from fresh fruit and vegetables without bruising the produce.

The teacher of the class is Mrs. Dawn Slein.


Triton_8th science_chemistry8th grade Science students in Mrs. Willsey’s classroom at Triton Jr.-Sr. high School warapped up their semester long chemistry unit by designing a lab and graphing energy differences in endothermic and exothermic reactions.


Triton_reader awards Dec2015Triton Jr.-Sr. High School gave out prizes to their Book Club Winners for this quarter.  To be eligible for the prize drawing, students had to read a book and complete a comprehension quiz about that book.  The prizes were funded by Teachers Credit Union.

Trojan reader drawing winners were Merlin Slabaugh who received an eReader, Angela Riffey, Breanna Riffey and Olivia Frushour who each won $25 Barnes & Noble or Amazon Gift Card.

Pictured (l to r): Brenna Riffey, Olivia Frushour, Merlin Slabaugh, Angela Riffey