Ancilla College_We Believe in YouSome people start the new year off with bold plans, resolutions and weight loss schemes, but unlike the unused treadmill in the corner, an Ancilla College degree will last you a lifetime.

Ancilla is making it easier for adult learners to try college with one free class for first-time students.   It’s called the We Believe in You program.

“Self-improvement can take many forms. You have to learn more to earn more in the workforce today. Supporting adults who want to come back to school is one way Ancilla can help,” said Eric Wignall, Ancilla’s vice president for Enrollment Management.

Designed for adult learners 21 years and older who have never attended college, the “We Believe in You” grant allows students to take a class of up to three credit hours at no cost.  No tuition cost and no fees.

Every student in the program will have a free, assigned academic advisor to assist with every aspect of attending college for the first time, including help with the registration process, filing a financial aid application, choosing education opportunities and more.

As a small private college, Ancilla is able to put their mission to empower and transform learners first and make your success our priority.

“If you go to college, you can learn how to get through college. We teach the skills needed to advance your career,” Wignall said.

Indiana has projected that by 2020, more than 60 percent of in-state jobs will require a college certificate or degree. Presently, only 30 percent of Indiana adults have earned a college credential. Don’t be one of them

The “We Believe in You” grant was originally created in 1988 by the Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ, the religious order that sponsors Ancilla College. It applies as a pathway to any of our 21 degree programs and eight, one-year certificates.

“Over the past several years over 50 people took part in this program. Many of them have gone on to take more classes, taking advantage of the opportunity to restart their education,” Wignall said.

“Taking a college course in writing, communication, or computer technology can jump-start a college degree at any age. There really is no age limit on college. Every adult, no matter your educational background or career interest, can start a college degree with Ancilla. Our small classes and personal learning environment is a great way to ‘get back into school’ for people who think they can’t go back. We welcome any adult to take that first step toward college and receive up to three credits of coursework for free,” Wignall said.

Ancilla classes begin January 11, 2016, at the school’s campus near Plymouth. There is no application fee at Ancilla College, and veterans and their families are welcome to take part in this program as well, Wignall said.

For more information on the We Believe in You program, please contact the Ancilla College Admissions Office at (574) 936-8898.

Provided by Ancilla College