crash_US30&Queen_12-15-15_1A crash between two semis Tuesday afternoon could have been tragic but fortunately only minor injuries were received by one driver and his passenger.

Crash_US30&Queen_12-15-15_2About 1:20 Michael Mulligan of Tennessee was east bound in a 2106 Freightliner.  He was approaching the light at Queen Road and observed another semi stopped at the light.  As he saw the light change green, Mulligan looked down briefly at his electronic device to find a place to eat and when he looked back he was about to strike the back of the slow moving semi.  He veered to the left in an attempt to avoid a collision but was unsuccessful.

Crash_US30&Queen_12-15-15_3The impact forced the cab of the semi right off its frame.  Mulligan received injuries to a lower leg.  He was transported to Saint Joseph Regional Medical Center in Plymouth by Plymouth EMS.

Crash_US30&Queen_12-15-15_4A passenger sleeping in the sleeper of Mulligan’s semi, Dyjai White of Georgia did not request medical attention at the beginning but later asked to be transported for an evaluation with a complaint of pain to his leg and a small cut on his back.

The driver of the other semi, a 2014 Freightliners, 49 year old Willard White of Ohio was not injured.

The east bound lanes of US 30 were closed for more than 5 hours while Reichert Knepp Towing had to unload the semis and remove them from the scene.