E-learningThe plan that the Plymouth Schools had in place for offering instruction to students when school was cancelled on December 7 seemed to work well.

Dense fog conditions that made travel dangerous led to the cancellation. The school corporation had received approval from the state to have an E-Learning day when students had to complete assignments at home. The state approved the plan that allows the E-Learning days to meet the mandatory 180 day requirement. There is not a maximum number of days the alternative instruction can be used. In prior years, when the required number of days was not met, extra days had to be tacked on to the end of school calendar.

Assistant Superintendent Andy Hartley said, “We notified parents that there would be school work assignments at the same time we called off classes.” All students in the Plymouth Corporation have an electronic device furnished by the schools to complete assignments. Hartley said, “I spoke with all the principals to find out how the plan worked. In some cases we had to be flexible, but it seemed to have worked pretty well.”

The plan calls for teachers to post readings, videos and worksheets that are designed to be completed independently. Teachers are available electronically to help students complete the work.

Hartley said parents with questions or concerns should talk with school principals. He said, “We still need to “tweak” some things and feedback would be helpful.”

Carol Anders Correspondent

Photo:  7th grader, Sean Rettig e-learning at home.  

Photo by PHS Senior Rachel Rettig .