County News_logoAs a bit of “housekeeping”, Ward Byers, Director of the new Community Corrections Program in Marshall County appeared before the County Council Monday.

To stay in compliance with the agreement with the Indiana Department of Corrections Byers said the current Court Services Fund simply needs a name change to the Community Correction Project Income Fund.  Byers said the line items in the budget will stay the same and the home detention fees and MCDAP fees will continue to funnel into this fund.

The second change is to create a new fund for the Community Corrections Transition Fund. This fund is where the dollars from the state will be placed on a monthly basis outside of the grant. These dollars are reimbursements for monitoring Department of Corrections Inmates.  It’s estimated that $24,000 a year will be added to this fund from the Department of Corrections.  Byers asked that this be an appropriated fund with a couple of line items added so he can pay monitoring fees and residential housing fees for Community Transition.

Byers clarified that his department will operate with three funds, the current Court Services Fund that will be changed to the Community Corrections Project Income Fund, The Community Corrections Transition Fund and the Community Corrections Program Fund is where the grant money will be.

The County Council unanimously approved the “housekeeping” request of Ward Byers.