Triton_penguin_1Students in Mrs. Strycker’s 3rd Grade class at Triton Elementary School have been learning about how light moves, creates heat, reflects, and refracts.

Triton_penguin_2These science concepts were tied to reading about Antarctica and penguins, along with socials studies, as they discussed “rookeries” or communities of penguins and the battle they have to stay alive.  This battle for life was the inspiration to solve a problem within the penguin habitat.  How could we keep penguins protected from the weather and help them save their chicks from melting waters?

triton_penguin_3Third graders used materials that they had learned were good to reflect light and heat away from their penguin habitats which allowed the penguins to avoid the problems associated with melting snow and ice!

Superintendent Donna Burroughs said, “Fabulous Engineers at work!”

Photos: 1702 Madeline Neff

1706 Wesley Reynolds

1718 Michelle Schwartz


Triton_Music 4&5Triton Elementary School held their 4th and 5th grade music program on Tuesday, December 8th. The program was directed by Mollie Kintzel, music teacher.

Triton_emzinesStudents in Mrs. Samantha Willsey’s Human Body Systems class, Part of Project Lead the Way at Triton Jr. Sr. High School have been learning about enzymes in the digestive system and built the digestive system on their manikens.  Next, they will be designing and carrying out an experiment to test enzyme action.