Triton_JA1_2015The 8th grade Junior Achievement students at Triton Jr.-Sr. High School had a successful and eye opening experience when they visited Junior Achievement’s Finance Park in Ft. Wayne. Students learned about budgeting and making choices on how to spend their income.

Triton_JA_6th grade_2The students were given a life scenario that included, a career, annual income, marital status, and number of children.  Based on these factors, the students had to create a monthly budget based on their income and dependents.

Triton_JA3_2015Many students were surprised at the cost of health insurance and child care and went over budget in those categories. Others were disappointed they couldn’t afford the fancy car they wanted or purchase their dream home because their income was not sufficient to support such choices. Some were denied car loans and had to use public transportation. Others were denied mortgages and had to rent a house or apartment.

Triton_JA4_2015Overall the students learned a lot of valuable information about the importance of budgeting and choosing needs over wants.

JA5The teacher of the program is Mrs. Tracie Vermillion.

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Pictured are:

Melissa Mullet & Alyxa Viers carefully creating their budgets
Jacob Verdugo and Cedrick Thorn feeling the stress of creating a budget
Alex Sarabia and Tony Stevens checking out the furniture to see if they should buy it or not.
Alyxa Viers making a tough decision about what she should save for with her discretionary income.
Haley May, Alyxa Viers, and Caleb Felton show off eye display at the Vera Bradley Store at Finance Park.