NewsThursday afternoon, in Fort Wayne, the Association of Indiana Prosecuting Attorneys recommended that serious drug dealers, the kind of criminals responsible for the alarming increase in meth labs, pharmacy robberies, heroin overdoses, home invasions and other violent crime in Indiana, receive new punishments that fit their crimes during the Indiana General Assembly’s 2016 session that convenes on January 5, 2016.

In a press conference Marshall County Prosecuting Attorney E. Nelson Chipman, Jr. said that Indiana prosecutors support making the sinus medication pseudoephedrine available by prescription only. Not only has Indiana law enforcement dismantled 4,477 meth labs since 2013, they have rescued 1,104 children living in a meth lab environment.  “The process of making meth is essentially equal to making a bomb.  The leftover materials from meth-making are equally toxic and dangerous to the meth maker, any children nearby and the law enforcement officials cleaning up afterwards.”

The Indiana Prosecuting Attorneys are also seeking a new crime of aggravated drug dealing.