Plymouth_Logo_2014Mike Reese from the Troyer Group appeared before the Plymouth Park Board this week to update them on the Tennis Court Facility Project.

Copies of site plans were presented to members for their review.  Reese noted that they are still in progress and adjustments may be made.

Plans have been submitted along with the application to the Indiana Department of Natural Resources for construction in the floodway, although a formal permit is not necessary because work won’t actually be in the floodway.  IDNR should have the project review completed at any time now.

Drainage plans are being finalized with City Engineer Rick Gaul.  On the east side of the parking lot the swale has been enlarged with an under-drain so water will slowly percolate and there won’t be standing water in it.

The plans remain to use the post-tension concrete system which is a superior produce for the resistance to cracking although it is more expensive up front the cost is mitigated because the old courts don’t have to be demolished.  Stone will be put over the old courts at grade and the new surface applied over them saving the demo cost.  Reese estimated 9 to 10 inches of asphalt that would have had to be removed.

Construction documents are currently being finalized but the timeline calls to have the project bid late winter with construction to begin in the spring.