Marshall County Sheriff's DepartmentMarshall County Sheriff Matt Hassel presented the commissioners with a contract to purchase three Police Intercepters from Oliver Ford.  Last month the sheriff was granted approval for the 2016 purchase.  The quote from Oliver Ford was $28,414 for each vehicle and the sheriff will trade in the vehicles valued at $4,700.

The commissioners also approved his request to replace the refrigerator on the administration side of the jail facility.  Estimated cost is between $1,000 and $1,100.  Sheriff Hassel plans to use Commissary funds for the purchase.  Because the purchase will be over $1,000 approval must be sought by both the commissioners and council.

In other news from the jail, Sheriff Hassel said the 9-1-1 dispatch center is cold in the winter and a plan is in place to lower the ceiling and insolate it.  Lowering the ceiling will also require the relocation of the fire suppression system.

Building and grounds had acquired two quotes for the work, one from Kolar Construction of Argos and the other from Michiana Contracting from Plymouth.  It’s anticipated that the commissioners will act on the quotes at their next meeting.