County News_logoAn issue with a culvert on Plymouth Goshen Trail at Lilac Road has been repaired by the county although it’s believed the issue was created by a city project.

This past summer the Plymouth Municipal Airport had a major runway construction project.  The heavy trucks and equipment entered and exited the airport property on the far east end of the runway onto Lilac Road.  That gave them nearly direct access to US 30.

Is discussion between the airport and county commissioner Deb Griewank it was indicated that the city understood the issue that had been created and was willing to assist in funding the fix.

During Monday’s commissioner meeting City Attorney Sean Surrisi was in attendance for another issue but commented that meetings were underway seeking a solution to the problem.   He stated the problem had been turned over to their insurance carrier and the determination has been made not to pay the claim.  Surrisi said they are having meetings in the next couple of days trying to seek a solution to the problem.  It was suggested that the contractor, Phend and Brown may have insurance to help pay for repairs.

During the radio interview with Commissioner Kurt Garner said he believed the cost to fix the broken culver was approximately $40,000.   He also noted that the repairs had to be made because the steel plates that have protected the road and culvert from additional damage had to be removed for the snowplowing season.