Price'sPond_1Mayor Mark Senter honored Bob Beiter for his 14 years of service to the city by serving of the Park Board during Monday’s meeting.

Reading a proclamation, Senter said, “Robert Beiter has dedicated his life to this community and had demonstrated in many practical ways his deep and genuine love for this city and county.”

The proclamation continued, “Bob has served the community with distinction, demonstrating always his willingness to place his concern for the public good ahead of his personal interest.”

Senter then presented Bob Beiter with a key to the city.

In other business the Plymouth Park Board approved a lease for the residence in Prices Memorial Park.   The caretakers who had been in the home moved out quicker than expected and the park board had some concern with leaving the property vacant too long, especially with vandalism.

The month to month lease with Robert Listenberger calls for a $500 monthly payment to the park along with light maintenance work.  It was noted that Listenberger was a park board member and employee with the park department for many years.

Park Board President, Dave Morrow said, “Long term we are exploring our options of moving the park office to Price’s Memorial Park.”