Head_2013Low ISTEP+ scores are a result of the new, more difficult test being graded against the same expectations as the old test, State Senator Randy Head, a Republican from Logansport (represents a portion of Marshall County) said Monday.

In 2014, Indiana adopted tougher education standards, which came with a more difficult test. Head said Hoosiers should not view the drop in scores as a signal that schools are failing.

“I don’t blame teachers or schools for these lower results,” Head said. “Comparing this year’s ISTEP+ scores to past years’ scores is like comparing apples to oranges. Rest assured that my colleagues and I recognize the importance of being fair to teachers and schools in this transitional period.”

Head said he will consider all proposed solutions that would address this drop in scores in the upcoming legislative session, including any necessary action to modify portions of Indiana’s accountability system in order to make sure teachers and schools are treated fairly given the lower scores.