County News_logoMarshall County Attorney, Jim Clevenger presented an intergovernmental agreement between the City of Plymouth and the County for Planning Services during Monday’s commissioner meeting.  The only change in the agreement is the amount of the yearly payment to the County.  The payment increased by 2% the same increase city employees for next year.  The new payment to the county will be $7,501 next year.

Commissioner Deb Griewank, a 10 year member of the County Plan Commission said County Planner, Ralph Booker’s work load has increased with more zoning violations.  She said she suspected he is “overwhelmed” being so busy.   She noted that a county resident called to complain because advice Booker had given, and money they had expended were for the wrong jurisdiction.

Commissioner Kevin Overmyer said the on line permitting has caused the county to become much busier.  He said Booker is also teaching a class at Ancilla College and wanted to talk to him prior to moving forward with the intergovernmental agreement.

Commissioner Kurt Garner said he had been on the Plymouth Plan Commission for 9 years.  During that time the city had a part time Planning consultant and then the county’s planner, Troy Keefer had served in combination with his county job.   He said Ralph has always been responsive for his questions and concerns and that he hadn’t received any citizen complaints about the county’s service in the planning department.

The commissioners took the intergovernmental agreement under-advisement to allow them to have additional conversation on the proposal.