Triton_art after school (2)It was another successful session of art after school at Triton Elementary School.  Look at the beautiful winter paintings.


Triton_sled3c2015Triton 3rd Graders have been busy once again in science as we continue to study sound and how it works.  Since we have learned what causes sound, how it moves, and what it does in solids, liquids, and gases, it was time to find out more.  We explored echoes, echolocation of animals, along with sound reflection and absorption.  With all of that new knowledge it was time to solve a problem.

Triton_sled3c2015How can we build a wall that helps to make our classroom quieter and less distracted by outside noise?  Kids built small walls with materials that they had learned about to help absorb sound.  The final step was to test out these walls in a model classroom to view, record, and reflect on the decibel level changes that we observed!  Students had amazing designs and some were able to reduce sound by nearly 30 decibels!

Kate Howell & Travis Barnhart

Ben McFarland & Ashlie McAndrews


Triton_long Division 2015Students in Ms. Painton’s fourth grade classroom at Triton Elementary School have a kinesthetic way to learn to understand long division.   Ms. Painton wants to thank resource teacher, Mrs. Branda for the idea.   Got to love teamwork!