Plymouth Community SchoolsThe Plymouth School Board approved an agreement with JESSE (Joint Educational Services in Special Education) at their regular meeting held on Tuesday, December 2nd.   According to Assistant Superintendent, Andy Hartley, the agreement contains only a few changes from previous agreements.

Plymouth Schools provide the administration for Jesse. They are only one of nine school districts that make up JESSE.  The changes include the ways that conflicts or disagreements are handled in a service district.

Plymouth Schools made a decision several years ago to service all students in need of special education opportunities to remain in Plymouth. The teachers involved are a part of the Plymouth staff. There are, however, some students from other districts that receive services at Plymouth locations. Other districts are then billed for services provided.

Included in the agreement is the Scope of the Program. It states, “JESSE provides services that are not economically feasible for the school corporations to provide individually. The services include but are not limited to: administration, professional development, therapy services, counseling, child count, compliance monitoring and coordination of special services etc..”

Although the agreement was met with approval from the Plymouth School Board, the additional participating schools in Marshall and Starke Counties will need to approve it as well.

Carol Anders Correspondent