Mayor's Blood DonationFor the past couple of year’s Mayor Mark Senter has made it his mission to host blood drives with the South Bend Medical Foundation.  The South Bend Medical Foundation was selected because all the blood that it collected in Plymouth stays in Marshall County to help local citizens who may need for life saving blood.

The following are the results of the most recent Blood Drive on November 21st at the Plymouth Fire Department.  There were a total of 20 successful units collected and only 3 deferrals.   One unit of blood can save the lives of up to 3 people so this recent drive could help up to 60 people.

In 2015 Mayor Senter’s blood drives have potentially helped save 408 lives by collecting 136 units.   The blood donations increased by 34 donors from the previous year.

The blood collected will go to help recipients suffering from cancer, trauma, blood disorders, surgery, pregnancy complications, or several other medical emergencies.

Mary Ankrapp, Blood Donor Recruitment Specialist from the South Bend Medical Foundation said,As the primary supplier of blood to the area hospital, it is important to us that the community support the local recipients whose lives depend on this precious gift.  The Mayor’s Office of Plymouth goes above and beyond.  Your efforts are helping sustain a safe blood supply.”

By hosting community blood drives mayor Senter is helping to provide a convenient way for the citizens of Plymouth to donate.