Tax-AmnestyINDIANAPOLIS –  The Indiana Department of Revenue’s Tax Amnesty 2015 program ended Monday, Nov. 16, 2015 at 11:59 p.m. EST. As of December 1, the department has collected $100.1 million in cash payments through the program, exceeding the goal to collect at least $90 million. Taxpayers have agreed to pay an additional $22.3 million via payment plans, and the department expects to add to these amounts as payments continue to process.

Of the past-due taxes collected through Tax Amnesty 2015, the first $84 million will be allocated to the Indiana Economic Development Corporation to fund the Indiana Regional Cities Initiative. Up to the next $6 million will be allocated to the Indiana Department of Transportation to support operation of the Hoosier State Passenger Rail. Additional taxes collected will be deposited into the state general fund.

“We’re thrilled so many taxpayers chose to take advantage of this opportunity to catch up on past-due taxes and move forward in good standing with the department,” said Indiana Department of Revenue Commissioner Andrew Kossack. “By meeting our goal, Indiana will be able to fund important economic programs across the state that will benefit Hoosiers for years to come.”

Tax Amnesty 2015 was authorized by the biennial budget in House Enrolled Act 1001, which was signed into law by Governor Mike Pence in May 2015. The eight-week program allowed taxpayers to pay past-due taxes free of penalty, interest and collection fees.

Processing continues for Tax Amnesty 2015 payments and forms postmarked by Nov. 16, 2015. Tax Amnesty 2015 payment plans must be satisfied by June 15, 2016.