Fire_13348 5D Road_1Four fire departments, LaPaz, Plymouth, Polk Township and Lakeville responded to a house fire Saturday morning just before 9 on 5D Road north of Plymouth.

Fire_13348 5D Road_2The home of Robert and Joyce Smith went up in flames.  Although everyone was able to get out of the modular home except for their pets.

Fire_13348 5D Road_3The Millers, their adult daughter and three grandchildren lost everything they own. The insurance the family had will pay the balance of the mortgage but the family has no additional funds available to rebuild or replace furnishing and clothing that was destroyed in the blaze.

Fire_13348 5D Road_4Robert Smith is retired and he and his wife live on a very limited income. His daughter and grandchildren who have disabilities also live with them. Although they have insurance, there were severely under-insured.

Fire_13348 5D Road_5The Indiana State Fire Marshall assisted LaPaz Fire Chief Chris Oginsky in the investigation on Monday.  The fire, which started in the southwest bedroom was determined to be accidental in nature.  Oginsky said, “The gas meter was compromised in the fire and that helped fuel the blaze.”

Fire_13348 5D Road_6A neighbor has started a Go Fund Me account to help the family.  Lonnie Stutler said, “A fire has to be one of the hardest things to live through. Everything is gone, their whole live just went up in smoke. To stand and watch your life burn bare-footed with only the shirt on your back brings tears to my eyes.”  Stutler said, “These are all good people and could use any and all help they can get.”