No Train WhistlesPlymouth City Attorney Sean Surrisi updated Board of Works members on the request of Mark Kozuch to consider a “quiet zone” for the train whistle at the Liberty Street crossing.

Earlier this month Kozuch asked the city to investigate the possibility of creating a quiet zone for trains because he contends the whistles wake him up when he is sleeping.  (Kozuch lives on Rex Street)

The city attorney said his research indicates that the city would have to pay for safety improvements to the railroad crossings and only after they are complete could they submit a request to the Federal Railroad Administration to have quiet zones.  He said the city would have to put in the specific configuration required that prohibits vehicles from driving around gates.

Surrisi said he contacted James Turnwald at MACOG (Michiana Area Council of Governments) to see if there would be federal funds or grants available for a project such as this.  As of Monday evening Turnwald had not returned his call.

The city attorney indicated, “This would be a multiple step process to achieve.”  He will continue to research the issue.