Argos Schools signThursday was a special night for Argos Community Schools students, parents, and faculty alike as the high school gym was reintroduced after going through some renovations since last June.

The Phil Weybright Gymnasium, named after legendary Argos boys basketball coach who led the boys team to the Indiana state championship in 1979 and 76 straight regular season wins, an Indiana record, was repainted and the floor was redone. Along with these changes, the concession stand is now the “Dragon Cafe”, which houses high­top tables and stools, serving as a student hangout and study area on school mornings and will continue to be used for game concessions. “Overall, I believe that they really liked it, and definitely the floor and the Dragon Cafe,” says ACS Superintendent Michele Riise. Riise also added how a generous donation provided the stools and high­top tables for the cafe and the championship banners are coming soon. The overall project cost was $350,000 and was funded by a bond.

Argos girls basketball junior standout, Courtney Dunlap, expressed “It was an honor to play on the night of the dedication to Coach Weybright and unveiling of the new gym.” The Argos girls defeated Pioneer 70­ – 23. The next home game is Tuesday, November 24 against Culver Community.   ACS hopes for another great turnout in the newly renovated Phil Weybright Gymnasium!

Written by Argos High School Student, Spencer VanDerWeele