BrickPaver_1Brent Martin updated members of the Plymouth Redevelopment Commission on the downtown brick paver replacement project Tuesday evening.  He said, “They are making great progress and should be wrapping up in the next week to 10 days.”  He noted that the cleaning of the sidewalks and water-repellant won’t happen until spring.

BrickPaver_2Martin noted a couple of issues Robert Henry Corporation discovered while working on the project, first some of the concrete beds the original bricks were placed in don’t have a consistent slope  or pitch.  He said, “In some cases they have had to chisel out some concrete to be able to place the new brick in.”  There have also been some issues with the concrete tree wells.  These issues with the concrete may cause a change order on the project but Robert Henry Corp. has estimated the number of hours for the project and if they don’t exceed those hours there won’t be the need for an additional.

BrickPaver_3The second issue has to do with a couple of trees, in particular 4 on West LaPorte Street where the root system is too high out of the ground and won’t allow for the steel grates to be placed back around the trees.  Martin did say that all trees will be mulched and most of the grates will be put back in place.  Those that can’t be put back in place will be stored for future use.  He also noted that a new tree was planted in front of Treat’s Squire Shop because the Honey Locus that was there was dead.