TritonElementary_sound1_2015Students in Mrs. Strycker’s third grade class at Triton Elementary School have been working to learn how sounds are made, and if they are changed as they move through solids, liquids, and gasses.

Students have created their own ear bud using string, and listened to sounds through different string phones, and types of matter.  After several inquiry activities to discover the science behind how sounds are made, teams created their own unique musical instruments.  Each instrument design was required to meet a specific size, pitch, and material requirement.

TritonElementary_sound2_2015The musical instrument is one of many design challenges that students will complete in SLED.  SLED stands for Science Learning through Engineering Design and was developed at Purdue University as a way to help students in many ways such as to gain skills in science, technology, engineering, and math.  SLED activities also allow students to solve realistic or “real world “problems and develop critical thinking skills.


Picture 1: Joshua Flenar

Picture 2: Nadia Stetler (left) & Katie Reichard (right)