Plymouth Community SchoolsPlymouth High School and Weidner School of Inquiry could have several new classes to choose from for the 2015-2016 school year. PHS Principal, Jim Condon, and WSOI Co-Director, Jennifer Felke, presented an outline of the proposed new courses to the School Board during their November meeting.

The Board unanimously approved the changes; however minimum numbers of students must enroll for the class to be finalized. Condon shared an example of one course that now has 12 students enrolled, but said there would need to be at least 15.

WSOI proposed courses include Chemistry & Plant and Soil Science; Physics & Sports and Entertainment Marketing; and Advanced Speech and Communication. Two of the courses would be vocationally funded.

Project Lead The Way Medical Interventions would be a third course in Bio-Medical Science pathway. The course allows students to investigate how to prevent, diagnose, and treat disease.

Plymouth High School could offer Computer Science 1; Project Lead The Way Medical Interventions; and Advanced Manufacturing. All three would be vocationally funded.

Advanced Manufacturing 1 would be a 2nd year of the Contexts Program (Logistics courses).

A complete description of the proposed courses can be obtained by contacting the Guidance staff.


Carol Ander Correspondent