No Train WhistlesMonday evening members of the Plymouth Board of Public Works and Safety heard the request of Rex Street resident Mark Kozuch asking for a “Quiet Zone” regarding railroad noise.

Although Kozuch didn’t appear in person, his written request asks the Board of Public Works and Safety to investigate the possibility of establishing a quiet zone as outlined by the federal railroad administration.

Board member Shawn Grobe spoke to Mr. Kozuch and said, “His concern is pretty self explanatory.  There’s been a pickup of rail traffic and specifically the railroad crossing near Liberty and Pennsylvania Avenue.”  Grobe said he too is able to hear the rail traffic at his home which is a few blocks from Mr. Kozuch’s residence.  Kozuch said he’s done some research and found on line a federal program that allows the silencing of train whistles when the crossing meets the safety standards.

Grobe said, “I do think this is something we should look. Just to get the basic understand the scope and potential cost could be.  That’s what he’s asked, what the options are.”

Board member Don Ecker asked if Mr. Kozuch was looking for a particular time frame for the quiet zone such as the evenings or 24/7?

Grobe said his understanding was once the signs went up it would be 24 hours.

City Attorney Sean Surrisi said would research the program and report back to the Board of Public Works and Safety at their next meeting on November 23rd. Grobe said we would help on the research of quiet zones for trains also.