Argos_SolarPark_ribbonArgos Town officials joined IMPA (Indiana Municipal Power Agency) dignitaries for the ribbon cutting celebration at the new Argos Solar Park just west of US 31 and south of State Road 10 off Linden Road Tuesday afternoon.

Argos_SolarPark_2The solar park sits on 6.7 acres of ground and has over 2,700 solar panels that will create electricity the Town of Argos.  This is the 9th solar park for IMPA and will generate 0.7 megawatts of AC for the community.  The electricity doesn’t go anywhere, it will stay right here in the community for local homes, businesses and industries to use.

Argos_SolarPark_endsIMPA is a wholesale electric power provider serving 59 cities and towns in Indiana and one in Ohio.  “IMPA began our solar park program last year to further diversify our power supply and bring the benefits of renewable energy to our communities,” said Raj Rao, President and CEO of IMPA.  “The addition of more solar parks not only provides an educational impact to IMPA’s member communities throughout the state, but serves to bolster our already diverse portfolio, reinforcing our goal to provide municipally-owned utilities with a power supply that is low-cost, reliable and environmentally responsible.”

Argos_SolarPark_PanelsRao said the Town of Bremen is working toward a solar park too.