absentee_votingMonday afternoon the Marshall County Election Board met in preparation for today’s municipal elections.

Members, County Clerk De VanDeMark, Republican Sean Surrisi and Democrat Rick Huff certified the absentee ballots.

295 registered voters took advantage of absentee voting either by mail, the travel board or as a walk-in in the clerk’s office in the Courthouse.  The totals for each absentee voting option were 29 mail-ins, 88 used the travel board and 178 voters went to the clerk’s office.

The four Plymouth precincts, Center 1, 2, 3 and 4 had a total of 251 absentee voters while Union 1 and Green Townships for the Argos elections only had 29 early voters and Culver had a total of 15.

The polls are open today from 6 a.m. unit 6 p.m.  Registered voters are reminded to bring with them a photo ID such as an Indiana driver’s license, state issued ID card or a passport.