vote_2Donna Pontius, Deputy Clerk in the Voter Registration Division of the Marshall County Clerk’s Office has provided a list of polling sites for the municipal elections on Tuesday.

All precincts in Marshall County polling places are located in a HAVA compliant facility

Center Township Precincts for the Plymouth elections include Center 1 and Center 2 voting at the National Guard Armory at 1220 West Madison Street.  Center 3 and Center 4 will vote at the Knights of Columbus at 901 East Jefferson Street.

Voter in the Town of Argos, Green Town and Walnut 1 will head to the polls at the United Methodist Church at 570 North Michigan Street.

The Town of Culver Precinct voting site for Union 1 in the Culver Depot at 815 East Lakeshore Dr in Culver.

If voters are unsure of their precinct, they can call the Voter Registration Desk at the Clerk’s Office on Tuesday at 935-8713.


Voters may access the “Who’s On Your Ballot” feature at on the Indiana Voters website to view the list of candidates specific to their precinct.

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