house demoThe City of Plymouth continues with improvements around the community.

This week Jackson Services from Rochester began the project of removing four homes in the flood plain, three in the 300 block of East LaPorte Street at the Foot Bridge and the other one Cleveland Street next to Easterday and Houin Attorneys on East Jefferson Street.  The properties had previously been acquired through a FEMA grant.

In September Jackson Services was awarded the project with the low bid of $32,500.  They are expected to have the job completed within 60 days.

City sidewalksThe second project is the brick restoration project on the east side of Michigan Street.

The Plymouth Redevelopment Commission awarded to Robert Henry Corporation of South Bend during their September meeting.  Their bid of $239,900 was the low bid.

The brick restoration project includes removing the bricks on the east said of Michigan Street that are placed in mortar.  The project will remove all bricks and prepare the locations for new bricks that will be placed in sand allowing water to wick down into the soil underneath.

The second part of the project includes power-washing all the sidewalks and putting a protective sealant on them.