Argos_Soccer_semiState_Firetruck uptopThe Argos Boys Soccer Team have advanced to the IHSAA Semi-State Tournament this Saturday.

Argos_Soccer_SemiState_trophyThe boys were successful this past weekend as they beat Eastern 3-0 in the regional championship.

Argos_Soccer_Semistate_HallwayOn Tuesday afternoon the Argos Schools students and staff came together to celebrate and cheer on the team.   Students gathered, cheering in the hallways in the junior high and high school and continuing throughout the elementary.  The hallways were filled with confetti, horns, bubbles and balloons as the Argos High School band lead the procession.

Argos_Soccer_SemiState_firetruckThe celebration continued with a trip through town complements of the Argos Fire Department. Small town school showing big time pride!

Argos High School will host the northern semi-state tournament this Saturday with the Dragons taking the field at 12:00 p.m.