death_investigationMarshall County Coroner Bill Cleavenger ruled Tuesday that Jeremy Lynn Hostetler of LaPaz committed suicide the morning of September 20th when he was struck and killed instantly by a westbound CSX freight train near the overpass on old US 31 in LaPaz.

Cleavenger met late last week with CSX railroad police who provided an audio-video recording from the lead engine on the 90 car coal train that struck Hostetler just west of Maple Road as Hostetler walked west in the middle of the tracks. Cleavenger said that the audio-video was conclusive in showing Hostetler payed no attention nor looked back at the lead engine as the train approached him. “There is no doubt in my mind that Hostetler intended to kill himself. At no point did he attempt to look back, nor walk anywhere except down the middle of the westbound tracks. The train crew was helpless to avoid hitting him.” The train according to recording devices was traveling approximately 49 mph. at the time of impact.