Monday night Plymouth Fire Chief, Rod Miller was given approval to offer make a conditional offer of employment to Jesus “Chuy” Garcia.   Garcia has been a volunteer with Plymouth for 4 years and the Argos Fire Department with  4 years before that.   A graduate of Plymouth High School Garcia currently works as a foreman for Slatile Masonry Restoration.  He has two boys.   Garcia will fill the vacancy left when John Pasley resigned.

The conditional offer is due to final approval from the Indiana Fire and Police Pension Fund.

Chief Miller also presented the September activity report.  There were a total of 191 alarm situations with 141 being emergency medical service incidents 11 medical assists, 2 rescue medical calls and 4 public service assistant calls.  The fire side has 2 calls for combustible spills or leaks, an electrical wiring issue, one vehicle fire, a trailer fire, 2 natural vegetation fires and a rubbish fire, a special outside fire and a special type of incident.

Other alarm situations last month included being dispatched and cancelled en route 6 times, 6 false alarms, 4 good intent calls, 1 severe weather responses, a structure fire, 3 system malfunctions and 2 unintentional system operations.

Looking at incidents by district there were 131 calls in Plymouth, 34 in Center Township, 16 in West Township, 1 in Culver and 1 in Bourbon.  There were 2 paramedic assists to Argos in September, 4 to Walkerton, and 1 each in Culver and LaPaz.